Cognian rolls out Microsoft Azure Sphere integration to deliver IoT solutions

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Australian proptech Cognian has announced a new global integration of its Syncromesh wireless canopy technology with Microsoft Azure Sphere to deliver secure IoT solutions for smart buildings.

The new platform aims to deliver a single view of a smart building’s network, including connected devices and the data they generate.

COVID-19-safe returns to the office, human-centric buildings and building sustainability are three top objectives.

Syncromesh-enabled Azure Sphere has been deployed for the first time in Australia at Mirvac’s South Eveleigh project (pictured above).

From June this year, Azure Sphere hardware available worldwide will be manufactured with Syncromesh built in.

Cognian’s Syncromesh Smart Canopy, says a Cognian release, wirelessly turns every building into a human-centric smart building with management of cost, carbon emissions, safety and well-being at its core. The unified data connectivity platform enables remote and autonomous control over smart building capabilities such as access, occupant capacity, heating/cooling, air quality and lighting control.

It also aims to protect customer data, provide security solutions for IoT (Internet of Things) devices across hardware, software and cloud and allow deployment of sensors and applications like air quality measurement.

The data from these actions and more can be accessed and managed in the cloud and on-premises, enabling decision-making and changes where required.

“Our purpose is to reimagine urban life,” says William Payne, chief digital officer at Mirvac. “IoT is a key technical enabler in achieving this purpose and providing smart, human-centred buildings.

“We require open systems that avoid technology vendor lock-in and deliver the flexibility to add the features and services our customers need throughout the life cycle of our buildings.In parallel we must ensure security of the systems and privacy of data. Cognian’s Syncromesh is an open, scalable and simple IoT platform that, together with Microsoft Azure Sphere, enables Mirvac to enhance and future-proof our buildings.”

Cognian co-founder and CEO Mark Blum expects to see smart buildings increasingly becoming the norm. “2021 will be the year of global smart building adoption, with the added challenge of addressing the security concerns held by IT leaders looking to implement IoT,” he predicts.

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