Gas fire suppression – your way to prevent data centre disasters?

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Data centres face high fire risk and water can cause irreparable damage, which brings us to gas.

Data centres are environments of electrically charged equipment, cabinets, server rooms, data and power cables consuming a high level of energy and producing heat. This makes fire detection and suppression a top priority for facility managers.

To say nothing of the danger to occupant health and safety, data centres host vast libraries of important and sensitive data of value to any business.

Inert gas fire suppression technology is considered the best choice for protecting data centres. Water can damage electronic systems and be ineffective in reaching all areas, particularly around corners.

Inert gas IG-541 blends nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide, which occur naturally in the air we breathe, using them at safe concentrations for human exposure. INEREX’s inert gas system is non-reactive and leaves no chemical or toxic by-products.

Manufactured by Rotarex and distributed locally by Wormald Australia, it uses constant-flow pressure regulators that moderate the discharge pressure to a constant 40-60 bar that still delivers the design concentration within 120 seconds, but claims to offer significant performance and cost benefits.

Overpressure and high noise levels generated during discharge are the limitations of inert gas systems. INEREX aims to solve this problem with its sound reduction nozzle. The extinguishing nozzle features a compact design that is easy to install and surrounded by two external filters. This should prevent potential data corruption to sensitive hard drives that can result from high sound pressure levels.

The system holds internationally recognised approvals from UL, Factory Mutual and VdS, which confirmed these results:

  • suffocates a fire within seconds
  • superior post-discharge hold times compared to chemical extinguishing agents
  • fully floods a space
  • leaves no residue
  • safe for equipment, and
  • safe for humans and environment.


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