EarthSure announces operation after years of testing

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In a Victorian landfill site, EarthSure disposes of, or prepares for reuse, waste from industry and infrastructure.

On 14 February, EarthSure was licensed for PFAS. PFAS (Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances), are emerging contaminants used to make various every products, forever chemicals that can be detrimental to health. It can only be removed from soil using thermal disorption, which can be carried out at EarthSure, the only facility in Victoria licensed to process PFAS.

EarthSure is a specially-constructed facility licensed to accept a range of hazardous waste from the civil, infrastructure and environmental rehabilitation projects in the industrial, commercial, manufacturing and government sectors.

It is licensed to accept and treat categories A, B and C reportable priority wastes, including organic contaminants like PFAS  and hydrocarbons, as well as inorganic contaminants such as lead and arsenic. It is also the only site in Victoria approved to dispose of heavy metal contaminants in soil that has been immobilised.

It aims to offer competitively priced and sustainable waste decontamination solutions to industry, with a commitment to the circular economy.

The advanced thermal desorption plant uses a unique direct-fired process to comprehensively treat a wide variety of toxic chemical substances found in soil and industrial waste.

EarthSure is a $16 million joint venture between SUEZ and Ventia, which are keen to expand the operation after big project wins, including the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project, which diverted more than 18,000 tonnes of contaminated soil from landfill.

“The treated and regenerated product is of such high quality it can be beneficially reused in a number of applications,
including road base aggregate and clean fill alternatives, both of which are a great illustration of the circular economy
at work,” says Craig Barker, SUEZ’s vice president of infrastructure.

The general manager of environmental services at Ventia, James Cole says contaminated and hazardous waste is properly handled. “The EarthSure facility tracks all waste received from the moment it leaves the host site until the point of final
destruction, disposal or reuse,” he says. “With a recent report suggesting the quantity of hazardous waste generated in Australia will continue to increase, we’re looking forward to building on the early successes and helping further grow the circular economy in Victoria.”

Approved by the Victorian Environment Protection Authority, EarthSure is located within the Taylors Road landfill site
in Dandenong South. It is led by Tai Truong, an experienced technical mind in thermal waste treatment, with the support of others including Ventia senior technical adviser Dr John Lucas, and Indika Soysa, who’s responsible for maintenance and engineering at the facility.

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