EnviroKlenz air purifier enters Australian market

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EnviroKlenz purifier product shot

The EnviroKlenz Air System Plus for Clean Stream Technologies is being introduced to the Australasian market.

It aims to help facility managers and employers fulfil their duty of care and occupational health and safety obligations to protect occupants and visitors against the spread of viruses and airborne health hazards.

The German-manufactured system incorporates safe, laboratory proven technologies to neutral multiple other airborne health challenges, including different viruses, bacteria including E-coli, pathogens, pollen, pollution including smoke, and seasonal allergens that affect millions in Australia and New Zealand, particularly health-compromised or elderly people.

“EnviroKlenz technology is a major step up from standard mass-market air purifiers,” says Scott Whittaker, general manager of Clean Stream Technologies, “having been proven in the most demanding environments, ranging from health and dental applications responding to tough US OH&S statutory requirements through to 1000 units for NSW schools to protect both
teachers and staff.

“It is highly effective because it goes much further than standard purifiers by combining medically proven ultraviolet (UVC) germicidal irradiation with safe and effective earth mineral technology originally developed for the US military and still
used today to destroy chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals.”

The US-patented medical grade system was tested by third-party Intertek laboratory to demonstrate its removal of 99.9 percent of airborne viruses down to 0.025 microns. The lab test covers a broad spectrum of viruses, including SARS-COV-2.

The self-contained, wheeled unit produces around 55 to 60 decibels, depending on the model. It cleans 93 square metres in under 18 minutes. When used in conjunction with an HVAC system, it turns over the air around 17 times an hour, says a product release, which is equivalent to once every three minutes and 52 seconds.

Along with airborne virus control, EnviroKlenz is also effective against chemical odours from cleaning agents, water damage or renovations, mould or mildew from water damage in plumbing or ducts, volatile organic compounds and allergens triggering conditions such as hay fever.

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