New underground piping system a ‘game-changer’ for FMs

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With facility managers around the country increasingly adopting strategic asset management know-how, a new underground piping system helps mitigate the billions of potable and recycled water lost each year to due ill-fitting, leaking pipes. 

Viega’s Geopress K is set to help facility managers better protect and manage water resources, having recently been approved by Sydney Water, MRWA (Melbourne Retail Water Agencies) and IPAM (Infrastructure Products and Materials) to be used in the management and protection of valuable water assets. 

Engineers at City West Water, which provides drinking water, sewerage, trade waste and recycled water services in Melbourne’s CBD, inner and western suburbs, describe the system as a game-changing product for both reactive and predictive maintenance situations. Manufactured from first-grade polymer materials and non-ferrous components, Geopress K is a more efficient and cost-effective method for SDR11 HDPE pipes for potable water and recycled water applications. 

“The only options we had to connect poly pipes prior to Geopress K were either welding techniques or mechanical fittings, and both can be problematic,” explains Dylan Thomas, operations manager at Programmed Water, which provides maintenance services for City West Water across Melbourne’s West.

“Welding requires specialised equipment and is not maintenance-friendly – your only option is to cut out and replace damaged pieces – while mechanical systems don’t react well to movement, so when atmospheric conditions cause pipes to shrink and expand, the fittings can move and fail. I see Geopress K as being a major player in the market and significantly changing the way works are done.”

What makes Geopress K so significant to the gas and utilities, plumbing and civil engineering sectors is its revolutionary tapping valve, which combines a tapping band and isolation valve within the one device. 

Viega’s Geopress K system is free of elastomers and its glass fibre-reinforced, high-strength polymer connectors feature internal sealing, which allows pipes with damaged surfaces to be permanently pressed without preparation. Supply lines can be quickly and easily installed. 

“These features make our connectors the perfect choice for harsh underground conditions,” says Glenn Lewindon, civil and utilities account manager at Viega. “The system also means no hot works, generators or pipe preparation are required. It offers the reliability of permanent-press connection technology with internal sealing that’s robust and extremely economical. Put simply, in our opinion, it’s the most reliable underground supply line solution. 

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