Buildings with brains? Honeywell introduces Forge Energy Optimisation

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Honeywell has launched Forge Energy Optimisation after a successful pilot program of an autonomous building in Dubai.

According to a release, Honeywell Forge Energy Optimisation enables buildings to operate autonomously, proactively making adjustments that provide more comfort for the people inside and drastically cutting energy consumption. With today’s launch it is also announcing the success of a pilot program at the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University in Dubai.

The system autonomously analyses sensor data points across hundreds of assets from any building management system in place – even from other vendors – every 15 minutes, or 96 times in a 24-hour period, to determine whether a building’s HVAC system is optimised in each room. If it identifies a flaw needing adjustment, it’s then able to simultaneously analyse multiple factors like time, weather and occupancy to determine the room’s most optimal, energy-saving temperature.

Hamdan Bin Mohamed Smart University saw an initial 10% saving in energy despite already having impressive green operations. The building is considered one of the greenest buildings in use, and with these additional energy savings, Honeywell believes there is opportunity for buildings around the world to go further.

“Buildings aren’t static steel and concrete – they’re dynamic ecosystems and their energy needs fluctuate based on ever-changing variables like weather and occupancy,” says David Trice, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Connected Buildings.

“With Honeywell Forge Energy Optimisation, we’re evolving building operations far beyond what would be possible even with a robust team of engineers and the rules they code in their building management system. By employing the latest self-learning algorithms coupled with autonomous control, we can help building portfolio owners fine-tune their energy expenditures to drive efficiencies and create more sustainable practices for our customers.”


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