Anatomy of a healthy building: Honeywell audits its own locations

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A technical report from Honeywell explores indoor air quality measures, with the brand deploying its audit tool in its own buildings.

Honeywell deployed its Healthy Buildings solutions in several of its own building site to achieve two goals: to create a safe and healthier building environment for occupants and to gather insights on the integration design and overall installation approach of these projects to better support customers.

At each unique site, the Honeywell Audit Tool was used to gain a baseline of existing data. Honeywell then integrated a continuous flow of data into the systems to monitor conditions and identify constant improvements.

Indoor air quality was measured, before the implementation of electronic air cleaners, Signify Upper Air UV and surface cleaning UV products. Each site featured sensing elements to gather data, technical solution deployments to address specific parameters or issues and reporting tools.

Along with air quality, the ‘Research to reality: Honeywell deploys in its own buildings‘ project looked at safety and security in the buildings as well as occupancy management and social distancing requirements in relation to COVID-19 safety protocols. Once again, a combination of Honeywell’s tools were put to work, including thermal screening cameras, mask detection, people flow management and touchless access.

Seven Honeywell sites were selected for the survey: Bangalore in India, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Bracknell in the UK, Shanghai in China, and Morris Plains, Phoenix and Atlanta in the US.

The test found that the key to providing optimal outcomes is advanced analytics and standard operating procedures to help minimise risks and sustain compliance with new regulations. Put more simply, improving building health is a ‘marathon, not a sprint’.

Deploying in real environments gave Honeywell the opportunity to test, learn and fine-tune before going to market. In the Dubai office, for example, upper air UVC air cleaner was trialled. After confirming the dosage delivered by the units was adequate, the solution was launched throughout the organisation.

Download a full copy of the report and its findings here »

Photo by Domingo Alvarez E on Unsplash


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