IPWEA launches education pathway to address skills shortage

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In response to the Federal Government’s $17 billion infrastructure funding, the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) has developed an educational pathway to help meet increased demand for skills.

The Asset Management Pathway is a first of its kind opportunity in Australasia. Placing emphasis on accessibility, it offers flexibility around what level to begin with and has no prerequisites, so industry veterans and newcomers alike will be able to benefit.

Foundations, Build and Recognition are the Pathway’s three levels of learning:

  1. Foundations: understanding key concepts of asset and fleet management
  2. Build: applying knowledge and developing deeper capabilities in asset management, and
  3. Recognition: consolidating learning and enhancing skills with strategic thinking and decision-making.

The course also provides the opportunity to become internationally recognised by the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) Global Certification Scheme.

According to Local Government NSW, 80 percent of councils in the state experience shortages across such key professions as asset management, engineering and planning.

“It’s critical for the viability and safety of our community assets – such as roads, bridges, parks, sewage works and other key infrastructure projects – that qualified people are managing these projects throughout their lifespan,” says IPWEA CEO David Jenkins.

“The rhetoric around infrastructure needs to change,” he says. “It is people, skills and education that are at the core of the infrastructure stimulus package being successful – for now and over the long term.”

Pathway participants with five years’ demonstrated industry experience can apply for Certified Practitioner of Asset Management (CPAM) designation via the WPiAM Global Certification Scheme.

Photo by Dylan Chung on Unsplash


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