Kärcher releases new dry ice cleaner

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karcher dry ice cleaner in use cleaning a truck grill

The new IB 10/8 L2P cleaner from Kärcher removes the need for dry ice pellets in dry ice cleaning.

The IB 10/8 L2P is the first on the market with ‘integrated dry ice production’. Other dry ice cleaning systems require the pre-purchase of dry ice pellets. This can have time and cost constraints, as pellets must be purchased in advance and have a limited lifespan, while the amount required can be difficult to calculate for any given job.

Kärcher’s latest innovation generates dry ice pellets from liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), bottles of which are readily available and can be stored for long periods.

The IB 10/8 L2P ice blaster creates the pellets and uses them as a spray agent. “The method is non-abrasive, produces zero
spray agent residues and allows users to remove dirt from sensitive surfaces with minimal effort,” says a product release.

Dry ice cleaning allows the cleaning of equipment, doors, fixtures, fittings and ventilation slots without any moisture.

“Dry ice pellets, in the form of solid CO2 at the temperature of -79 degrees Celsius, hit surfaces at a high speed of 150 metres per second. The cold temperature causes the dirt to become brittle, allowing for the seamless removal of dirt and stubborn stains,” says the release.

The product’s jet gun is suitable for cleaning narrow and angled areas. It also includes an easy-to-use control panel for intuitive operation.

karcher dry ice unit

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