KONE partners with TAFE NSW for Australia’s largest lift modernisation

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KONE will partner with TAFE NSW to replace 60 lifts across 29 locations.

More than a quarter of TAFE NSW’s entire lift portfolio will be upgraded to premium DX Connected Elevators – making it the largest single order of DX lifts globally.

The $13.5 million project aims to make TAFE NSW locations more accessible, convenient and relevant.

“This record-breaking program will help to future-proof our network of campuses and improve accessibility for students and employees, including those with a disability,” TAFE NSW managing director Steffen Faurby says.

“By installing next generation, digitally-enhanced elevators, we are helping to meet the diverse needs of our students and staff, and ensuring ease of access for years to come,” says Faurby.

The Lift Renewal Program is part of TAFE NSW’s Asset Renewal Program to support assets at end of life and critical risk of failure. It is part of the NSW State Government’s $600 million stimulus package towards infrastructure in the education sector. From this, $100 million is allocated to TAFE NSW’s Asset Renewal Program

“Modernising elevators can itself result in energy savings of up to 70 percent,” says KONE Australia managing director Jerome Audais, “and along with the host of other benefits of a digitally connected lift, the DX will transform the efficiency, safety and sustainability of TAFE NSW buildings.”

The program is due to commence this September.

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