Las Vegas will employ digital twin technology to hit zero carbon emissions

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What happens in Vegas… will be replicated in an IoT-enabled digital twin to help advance the city’s smart transformation.

A large area of downtown Las Vegas in the US will leverage advanced 5G networking, plus IoT and urban digital twin technology to overhaul mobility, air quality, noise pollution, water management  and emissions from major buildings, Cities Today reports.

The digital twin technology will be developed by Cityzenith and Terbine.

Cityzenith will provide the digital twin technology as part of the Clean Cities – Clean Future initiative to implement its SmartWorldOS digital twin platform in major world cities. The goal is to improve efficiencies, drive down urban carbon emissions and significantly improve cost efficiencies for local building owners. Las Vegas is the second city to partner in the initiative, after New York. Phoenix also recently joined, and several other major cities are expected to follow soon.

“Digital twins are rapidly becoming vital to how cities are run,” Las Vegas chief innovation officer Michael Sherwood told Cities Today. “Now in Las Vegas, we will have a city-scale digital twin that is driven by the physical environment, ultimately letting us control key systems through it. This will give us new levels of insight and control to benefit city planners, residents and businesses.

“We’re setting the benchmark for cities around the world to become smarter, efficient, safer and more sustainable,” he added.

Project partner Terbine combines and interprets IoT data from public and corporate sources.

The first iteration of the Las Vegas digital twin will be unveiled at the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January.

Photo by Guido Coppa on Unsplash

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