Matterport releases digital twin app on Android devices

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Matterport for Mobile product shot of hand holding smartphone in room

Matterport for Mobile gives Android users the power to instantly create a dimensionally accurate digital twin of buildings and spaces.

The app creates a digital twin in minutes using the free app. Teams can create a set of digital twins for multiple properties, simply by downloading the app to each member’s device.

“The future of the built world is in the palm of our hands,” says Matterport chairman and CEO, RJ Pittman. “Matterport for Mobile delivers big value in a small package, increasing productivity with every space we digitise.”

The app’s availability on Android devices is a great accelerator for Matterport’s expansion in the Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa markets, where Android market share is especially concentrated. It is now available in 175 countries on about six billion active smartphones. “By turning buildings into data,” says a media release, “Matterport endeavours to unlock the full potential of the world’s biggest asset class, estimated to be worth US$360 trillion by 2025.”

As with the existing iOS version, the Android app supports 3D capture using all other compatible camera options including the powerful Matterport Pro2 3D camera, the Leica BLK360 lidar camera and six different 360 cameras from Insta360 and Ricoh.

An early version of Matterport for iPhone was released in May 2020.  In February 2021, it was announced that the Matterport Capture App release 4.1 included beta support for the lidar-enabled iPad Pro, iPhone 12 and Pro Max.


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