Fire safety inspections must go ahead despite restrictions – NFIA and ICA

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The two associations have joined up to issue a reminder for building owners and managers: don’t delay those fire protection safety and maintenance checks.

The National Fire Industry Association (NFIA) and Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) have called on managers to accommodate fire inspection professionals so they can carry out these essential inspections – despite the barriers of restrictions and lockdowns.

The reduced access to commercial, industrial and residential buildings brought on by COVID-19 has made fire protection professionals’ work more difficult. However, building managers should ensure fire protection safety and maintenance checks are up to date.

“Regular checks for fire protection safety and maintenance are essential to ensuring the safety of occupants and the asset of the owner, but we know from talking to our members that these programs have unfortunately been disrupted because of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions,” says NFIA CEO Glen Chatterton.

“By failing to undertake legally required regular inspections, testing and maintenance, business or property owners could be open to hefty financial risk, fines, safety breaches and litigation,” he continues.

“We’re asking building managers to accommodate fire inspection professionals to allow them to carry out their essential safety checks and repairs to protect the building and occupants in case of fire.”

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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