Zero emissions, zero batteries, zero e-waste – photoluminescent exit signs to hit Grosvenor buildings

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exit sign at Bunnings

A new partnership with Grosvenor Engineering Group will see Safety Path’s exit signs offered to Grosvenor’s client base.

Each exit sign saves up to 150 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Many medium sized buildings have more than 1oo exit signs, and the partnership claims the system will save $15,000 per hundred signs per year.

Safety Path’s signs use photoluminescent technology, which stores light and emits it in an emergency. Thus, the signs need no electrical connection and will not fail because of a faulty component or when power is disrupted.

The signs are already installed in more than 60 Bunnings stores across Australia, as well as in shopping centres, industrial plants and office buildings, and will now be offered to the client base of Grovenor, which manages the technical services of more than 12,000 commercial buildings.

“CEOs, CFOs and COOs are often not aware of just how big their fleet of electric exit signs really is,” says Gus Carfi, executive chairman at Safety Path and parent company SmarterLite. “Hence the associated ‘secret’ costs when comparing product life cycles – the true measure of economic performance.”

Safety Path’s exit signs are estimated to last up to 30 years and come with a 12-year warranty.

Old tech electric signs are short-lived, requiring a whole range of systems and regulations to keep building occupants safe. This ultimately costs the environment, business and the community. Old-tech electric exit signs are built using outdated technology that is prone to failure, require regular inspections, maintenance and replacement, and generate tonnes of needless waste. There are also complex and expensive computer systems to monitor electric exit signs, to report when they have failed. Safety Path signs don’t need those systems,” Carfi says.

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