Schneider launches Connected Room Solution

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Schneider Electric has launched an integration solution that aims to offer Australia’s first all-in-one approach to digitally managing buildings’ operations and energy consumption while delivering customised experiences of comfort to occupants.

Connected Room Solution is an IoT ecosystem that plays a role in sensing dynamic environments and making automatic and on-demand app-enabled adjustments to lighting, air-conditioning and blinds, while also providing interaction with the next generation of smart building IoT devices.

It claims to intelligently reduce a building’s energy use on sunny days via lowering building blinds, and adjusting the lighting levels and air-conditioning to minimise the need for central cooling.

“Traditionally, buildings were built as a fixed layout,” says Paul Crothers, general manager of marketing and partner solutions – digital buildings at Schneider Electric. “To make changes to a space or to the functionality of the space, you had to physically shift equipment and people.

“Now, with Connected Room Solution, technology allows us to reconfigure the space based on how it is being utilised, and when the building is occupied it provides live and dynamic adjustment of environmental conditions for the user’s immediate surroundings.

“Schneider identified a strong market demand for highly adaptable solutions to the building’s integration systems. We’re delighted to see the Connected Room Solution’s modular feature-set helping organisations conveniently change floor layout when they need to reduce density in the office.

“Ultimately, with this new solution, we’re looking to support future-proof buildings that offer safer, healthier and more comfortable people-centric indoor environments while increasing engineering efficiencies and building value.”


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