Schneider Electric launches PrismaSeT, a switchboard system made in Australia

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Schneider Electric has launched the PrismaSeT switchboard as a complete system level architecture in Australia.

Sheet metal for the PrismaSeT low-voltage power distribution switchboard system is manufactured in Australia, which Schneider promises will ensure excellent quality, faster lead times, a boost to local manufacturing and a system adapted to meet the unique needs of the Australian market.

PrismaSeT has enhanced fire safety features within the switchboard using PowerLogic HeatTag sensors for early detection of wire connections or cables. The use of reinforced doors and frame aims to make it easier and safer to operate and maintain the switchboard in any environment.

The low-voltage switchboard now includes built-in cloud connectivity, which opens up access to intelligent alarming, energy use analysis, trends and preventative maintenance planning.

PrismaSeT is available Australia-wide through a network of certified switchboard builders who are comprehensively trained before being appointed by Schneider Electric.

Key features of the switchboard include:

  • detailed training and onboarding roadmap with access to a dedicated partner portal that includes design and assembly guidelines, busbar drawings, quality practices and other detailed product information
  • Easy Prisma: a software tool to carry out compliant switchboard designs, and create general arrangement layouts, sheet metal bill-of-material and switchboard costings
  • fire prevention modules that can analyse gas and particles in the switchboard and alert before any smoke or insulator browning occurs, and
  • simplified connectivity modules providing energy usage analysis and performance tracking.

“With this launch, we are reaffirming Schneider’s commitment to provide open, simple to deploy digital solutions to drive sustainability and efficiency, enabling industry-wide collaboration and partnerships in the new electric world,” says Farokh Ghadially, vice president, power solutions, for Schneider Electric.

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