SITECH signs PROX-EYE distribution agreement

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Prox-eye installed on heavy machinery

SITECH Solutions has signed an exclusive agreement with Canada’s Correct-AI to distribute the PROX-EYE proximity awareness system in Australia and New Zealand.

PROX-EYE combines HD cameras and LiDAR sensors with artificial intelligence (AI) software to help industrial equipment manage collision warnings and terrain hazards on challenging worksites.

The combination aims to provide equipment operators with intelligent warnings of potential interaction between humans and machines or imminent rollovers in environmental conditions such as darkness, fog, dust or direct sunlight.

The system also records events for future evaluation.

The new agreement expands and diversifies the markets in which PROX-EYE systems will be distributed.

Customers will benefit from local support and service from SITECH Solutions.

“No other system offers the combination of camera, LiDAR and AI that form part of this reliable solution,” says Rob Walters, SITECH Solutions’ general manager, who adds it’s the most advanced system on the market.

SITECH Solutions is a construction technology provider that offers customer sales, hire, installation, service, personalised training and technical support. Correct-AI is a Canadian company that develops industrial robotics and AI technology designed to help manage challenging worksites.

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