Terabee enhances people counting tech

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Terabee has enhanced its People Counting L-XL range, offering real-time, privacy-protected occupancy data for entrances and passageways.

The French sensor solutions tech company has made its flagship product range more flexible and scalable, and improved its privacy and lighting advantage.

New software extend coverage for five devices, installed at up to four metres in height in wide doorways or passageways, to up to 15.4 metres in width. For a single unit installed at 4 metres high, coverage is 3.4 metres wide.

Key features now include:

  • three-dimensional depth sensor
  • multi-device support for wide door counting
  • easier installation and configuration
  • works in low-light conditions
  • 98 percent accurate people counting algorithm, and
  • GDPR compliant by design.

Terabee marketing and technical sales director Greg Watts says a solution that fits any kind of indoor wide entrance to count people at conferences, exhibition centres, schools, hotels, restaurants, retail spaces and large office complexes – “any indoor environment that has a particularly wide entrance” – is critical.

The devices use time-of-flight technology, collecting non-intrusive depth image data, meaning personal identities cannot be captured.

The system can be used to aggregated occupancy statistics and monitor footfall in busy and unoccupied space, during peaks and in specific rooms, offices or facilities.

Footfall numbers can be extracted so security staff and facility management have occupancy metrics where necessary in buildings that must abide limits. The system can also be linked to digital signage to indicate when a space’s people density is low enough to accept more guests without compromising social distancing rules, says a press release.


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