Wavin’s new pipe fitting whistles to signal leaks

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Wavin Tigris acoustic whistle demonstration graphic

Wavin’s Tigris K5/M5 is a press fitting series with a unique acoustic leak alert feature.

The range hopes to set new standards of water management for metal-plastic pipe connections.

“When carrying drinking water, the pipe is only as good as the joint,” says a Wavin press release. Secure fittings, then, are essential.

The Wavin Tigris K5/M5 is fitted with an acoustic leak alert. In leakage tests executed with air instead of water, an unpressed fitting will generate a loud and clear whistle sound, alerting installers of leaks when fittings are not fully pressed.

“When testing with air instead of water,” says Ruurd van Leeuwen, global product manager (hot and cold) at Wavin, “leak and pressure tests will no longer be a challenge in the building installation phase.”

Testing with air, says van Leeuwen, has several advantages, including that it entails no risk of bacterial growth due to water stagnation in the period between testing and final use. Also, it avoids slippery workspaces, water damage and wasted water, and eliminates dependency on early water supplies at new builds, as an air compressor will do the job.

Tigris K5 is a press fitting with bodies made of high technical performance plastic Polyphenylsulfone, while Tigris M5 is a metal press fitting with bodies made of UBA listed drinking water approved brass materials. Each covers a complete range of fittings that fit up to 40-millimetre multilayer composite pipes.

Other features include:

  • improved flow area from the predecessor Tigris K1/M1, thanks to increased inner OptiFlow bores
  • fittings can now be pressed, with the most common pressing profiles such as U and Up, TH, H and B, allowing installers to easily switch to Wavin without switching tools or voiding warranties, and
  • In4Sure 360-degree pipe visibility, which lets installers check if the pipe is inserted properly.

The acoustic leak alert is a world first, exclusive to the new range.


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