Wilson Security to deploy HealthGate fever screening devices in venues and workplaces

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Wilson Security will deploy Elenium Automation’s HealthGate devices to provide clients with safer access control.

HealthGate, the automated fever screening kiosk, is now incorporated into Wilson’s technology portfolio.

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, it offers automated, touchless and accurate health screening for entry into facilities. Along with temperature checking, it combines health declaration technology – enabling visitors to self-declare symptoms and movement history via voice recognition – with touchless contact tracing check-in.

“Research shows that people will be honest on pre-screening questions if they know they will be health tested on arrival,” says Elenium CEO and co-founder Aaron Hornlimann. “We also know that a majority of people with a viral infection also have a fever. The purpose of HealthGate is to provide an added layer of compliance and safety for people entering workplaces and public venues while improving efficiency,” Hornlimann says. “It encourages safe behaviour.”

HealthGate is the only temperature screening kiosk in Australia to have been granted regulatory approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. It can be configured to measure vital signs for people wearing masks, so visitors are not required to remove masks to enter.

HealthGate detects a potential fever in fewer than two seconds and aims to eliminate human error in health screening.

Wilson Security intends to introduce the devices into its clients’ workplaces and venues nationwide.

“With the onset of COVID-19, early detection and screening for health and safety risks within the workplace and public spaces is imperative,” says Wilson Security CEO Nick Frangoulis. “Through this technology we are providing peace of mind and empowering businesses with a world-class solution, to integrate people into workplaces safely during these unprecedented times.”

Hornlimann says the partnership is an important milestone in getting HealthGate devices into more businesses around the country. He says, “Technology has a huge role to play in allowing our country to open up quickly and safely.”

Elenium Automation services the aviation, healthcare, aged care and government infrastructure industries.



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