Australia breaks wind output record

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wind turbines in sky

Australia hit a wind output of 6639MW early this morning, breaking the previous record high of 6427MW set last July.

Giles Parkinson of Renew Economy reports the 2:30am high should bring temporary relief from high electricity prices, at least in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

The record output was reported by NEMLog’s Geoff Eldridge and was driven by high winds in these southern states. Victoria reached around 2400 megawatts (MW) and South Australia hit 1700MW.

“These states enjoyed negative (minus $20/MWh) and zero prices wholesale power at the time and for several hours before and after,” Parkinson reports, “before gas-fired power stations resumed their pricing control and took prices back up to around $300/MWh.”

New South Wales also enjoyed high wind production at the time, around 1840MW, and imported a further 1200 MW from Victoria.

Photo by Chen ming liang on Unsplash

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