Zip Water unveils HydroTap Classic Plus

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The item has been redesigned with user experience and ease of use in mind.

Continuing to deliver instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water at the touch of a button, new HydroTap features include:

  • ‘more intuitive’ sparkling water activation
  • continuous flow feature to fill bottles and improved font design to prevent overflow
  • enhanced hygiene with the addition of ‘SteriTouch’, new antimicrobial touchpad preventing bacteria growth, and
  • seven finishes to choose from.

A redesigned graphical user interface (GUI) with more instantly recognisable iconography enables easier customisation of preferred settings, including energy settings, on/off timers and sleep mode. A CO2 (carbon dioxide) level indicator shows when CO2 gas is running low.

The redesigned HydroTap Classic Plus is powered by the new HydroTap G5 command centre, which will power all products in the HydroTap range from now on.

HydroTap command centre

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