Noise pollution – the number one hotel guest complaint

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Nothing spoils a guest experience like a noisy room or broken sleep. If guests are regularly disturbed by corridor noise from late arrivals and early departures, then not even the best buffet breakfast in town will ensure repeat business or encourage guest loyalty.

Noise pollution is not just a problem in hotels and apartments but also affects commercial buildings that are close to busy roads, train stations, airports or nearby construction sites.

Raven door and window sealing systems provide an effective and proven barrier to airborne sound while increasing the acoustic performance of the door assembly. Raven sealing systems also help to prevent toxic smoke from entering a room or corridor in a fire emergency.

A small capital investment in upgrading existing doors with Raven acoustic smoke seals will bring about a quick and lasting return while ensuring National Construction Code (NCC) compliance and the comfort and safety of the occupants.

Raven acoustic sealing systems, when used with a suitable door assembly, can achieve acoustic performance ratings over 30Rw (weighted sound reduction index) on standard solid core doors and up to Rw43 on 35mm, acoustic proprietary doors. Even higher ratings up to 52Rw have been certified on heavier, acoustically designed doors.


Raven acoustic seals help isolate buildings from external noise, such as heavy traffic, nearby railways and airports; they also help isolate rooms from internal noise within a building, such as loud machinery, theatres, crèches, cinemas, doctors’ surgeries, stairwells, passageways and interconnecting guest rooms or adjoining apartments.

Raven door and window sealing systems are quality engineered to deliver the very best in acoustic and thermal insulation. They also provide the building industry with the most proven and cost-effective sealing systems money can buy – which is really worth making a noise about.

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