NSW’s Spatial Digital Twin adds Bathurst

by Liv Croagh
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The first major regional centre in NSW has been added to the Spatial Digital Twin. Bathurst’s central business district has been captured in the 3D model.

What is a Spatial Digital Twin?

The NSW Spatial Digital Twin is a program of work that is looking to deliver a collaborative environment sharing and visualising local information. The information is displayed in a 4D model of the real world, in almost real time. It has been created to support and improve informed decision making.

The SDT’s long term aims are to help with statewide cost savings as well as creating a more efficient network. 

At the heart of the NSW SDT is a shared data management and delivery platform that is open to the public and private sector allowing for effective collaboration to accelerate the deployment and uptake of smart and connected technologies across the state.

The latest move by NSW Government is expanding to regional areas. It will now start to bring this towns into a statewide digital grid, which will help in the planning for infrastructure needs which includes schools, hospitals and roads.

”Council, planners and the local community will be able to use this to make more informed planning decisions, visualise buildings and ensure a development is sensitive to the surrounding environment — from the shadows a building is likely to create or changes to the traffic volumes before construction even begins,” says deputy premier and minister for Regional NSW, Paul Toole.

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