October to December Hays FM Quarterly Report released

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Hays’ October to December FM Quarterly Report highlights employers’ preference for candidates with like-for-like experience, and reveals which candidates are currently highly sought after.

According to Hays’ October to December FM Quarterly Report, which was released this week, facilities managers, building managers and asset managers are just three of the skills that remain in demand across Australia’s facilities management sector as employers make strategic hires. The report also highlights employers’ preference for candidates with like-for-like experience.
“Employers are looking for candidates with like-for-like experience, including in the same industry and on the same systems,” Shane Little, regional director of Hays Facilities Management, notes.
“More strategic in their hires, employers are also taking their time when they recruit to ensure that each placement is the right person for the job. As a result, the recruitment process has lengthened.” Hays advises candidates to sharpen their existing skills and industry experience to enhance their value.
“Employers, meanwhile, need to be aware that candidate shortages still exist in many areas. Many organisations have invested in retention strategies to keep their best people, so there’s still a shortage of high quality candidates for certain roles, particularly those that require excellent leadership skills or very specific experience,” Little adds.
According to the Hays Facilities Management Quarterly Report, such candidates include:

  • Facilities managers and building managers are sought for both temporary assignments and permanent positions as businesses change hands between property and facilities management companies. When recruiting facilities managers, employers are looking for a trade or engineering qualification, but there is a shortage of such candidates.
  • There has also been an increase in the need for specialised facilities project managers, since employers value the knowledge of project managers with a facilities management background.
  • Facilities coordinators and facilities administrators are especially sought by the public sector as there is a shortage of people in these vital support functions.
  • We are also seeing a need for asset managers with life cycle or asset management experience, facilities account managers with experience managing large facilities management accounts and the accompanying financial responsibility and multisite facilities managers with experience managing a large number of sites.

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