OKALUX VIP insulation module

by FM Media
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Dow Corning and OKALUX have developed a high-performance insulation module which delivers excellent heat insulation at a fraction of the thickness of traditional insulation materials such as rock mineral wool, glass mineral wool, extruded polystyrene (XPS), expanded polystyrene (EPS) and vacuum insulation panels.

OKALUX VIP has two elements: a Dow Corning vacuum insulation unit consisting of fumed silica integrated in the cavity of an insulating glass module; and OKALUX material inserts such as metal, wood and capillary inserts as well as digitally printed panels.

The companies say the product achieves extreme U-values: “40 mm thick elements reach a U-value of 0.11 W/(m²K) | 0.02 Btu/(hr ft² °F). After a time span of 25 years the value will be about 0.18 W/(m²K) | 0.03 Btu/(hr ft² °F). The heat conductivity of a vacuum insulation panel is only about 0.005 W/(mK) and the heat transmission coefficient corresponds to that of a well insulated wall.”

The heat protection of the vacuum insulation unit is nearly eight times more effective than that of conventional materials, hence its thin profile. This, the companies say, means a reduction of construction costs, a simplification of building procedures and a gain in interior space.


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