Open up to open plan recycling

by Melanie Basta
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Waste management doesn’t have to be ugly. Facility managers may have a preconceived idea that recycling is confusing, time-consuming and costly. If that rings true, perhaps it’s time to reassess and optimise how you’re managing waste at work.

Why hide away?

Recycling bins should be visible and eye-catching. Sticking old bins behind cupboards and closed doors doesn’t encourage users to correctly dispose of their waste.

The philosophy of Open Plan Recycling brings recycling to the forefront of the modern facility. By implementing aesthetically designed bins in a stream, communal stations like these encourage users to actively consider their waste disposal.

Here are four benefits to implementing communal recycling stations across your facility:


1. Fewer bins and liners to purchase and service

Method completed a case study comparing its communal recycling stations to desk bins and found that an office with 110 employees could save around $2100 over the course of a year.

2. An increase in positive waste management behaviours

The colour-coded bins encourage users to easily and correctly dispose of their waste. By keeping red for landfill, yellow for mixed recycling, blue for paper and green for organic waste, users become accustomed to the easy system.

3. Reduction of landfill

Westpac NZ recorded a reduction of waste to landfill from 70 percent to 30 percent with the introduction of Method bins.

4. Engaged tenants

As a facility manager, you may have several teams or tenants to manage. Organise a ‘green team’, encourage your tenants to report on the successes in their space and see the positive changes increase.

Open Plan Recycling is the solution designed for modern facilities and facility managers. If the Sydney Cricket Ground can achieve greater landfill diversion with Method, so can your facility.

Download the whitepaper here.

Images courtesy of Method Recycling

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