Choosing a solar panel to power security cameras offers more than cost benefits

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solar panel attached to roof

Solar panels offer many commercial and security benefits beyond cost-saving.

Outdoor wireless security cameras are an extra level of security for businesses offering the ability to capture and record footage around external areas without the need for cables or access to a power source.

With people coming and going throughout the day, including customers, employees, trades and delivery drivers, it can be difficult for business managers to keep an eye on materials and equipment on the premises, or valuable items stored inside the office and other zones throughout the facility.

Investing in wireless outdoor security cameras can help to capture incidents, and acts as a visible deterrent, minimising the temptation to carry out opportunistic damage or theft. While the energy cost of running security cameras can be dependent on electricity providers, solar panels are becoming a popular option to help extend the battery life of devices, avoiding the need to regularly recharge batteries manually. This makes it easier to keep an eye on people entering and exiting business premises during the day, moving around the site at night, or remotely monitor during extended shutdown periods, without the risk of running out of power.

Solar panels minimise the reliance on electricity grids by simply making the most of Australia’s high solar radiation levels. Security devices can be paired with individual solar panels to benefit from the same free power source harnessed from the sun. 

Solar panels help to continually keep a variety of wireless security cameras charged via each devices inbuilt rechargeable battery. This is achieved without the need for mains power, which also enables positioning of cameras anywhere. Utilise a wi-fi connection when installing or opt for a 4G model where a stable connection can’t be held. It’s easy to continuously monitor and record activity occurring in the chosen location. The solar charge also allows footage to be recorded and viewed regularly without the risk of draining the battery.

While many perceive solar panels as a cost-saving measure, they offer many commercial and security benefits:

  1. Quick and easy to install: Avoid gaining commercial property approval to install fixed non-wireless devices and avoid unsightly cables and wiring. Simply plug and play to a desired vantage point. Once positioned, solar connected cameras require little maintenance, with less need to disconnect for recharging batteries. Just make sure the device is directed at sunlight.
  2. No power? No problem: When the occasional blackout occurs, a security device connected to a solar panel will utilise its stored source of energy to function without leaving any areas vulnerable to break-ins or intruders. In the case of a solar panel experiencing days of low light, backup cells ensure that the security device remains operational until it captures more power during daylight conditions. Once it goes back to its natural source of power, the device will simply recharge its internal battery from the solar panel.
  3. Supporting sustainability: While pairing solar panels with wireless outdoor security cameras may help to reduce power bills, business owners are also making an individual contribution to cutting carbon emissions by reducing their use of electricity. Solar enabled devices with rechargeable batteries also don’t contribute to the disposal of single-use batteries.

Owning a wireless outdoor security system is affordable, convenient and can be configured to each site. When paired with a solar panel, security cameras become a winning combination to safeguard commercial premises.

Brad Hales is marketing communications leader at Uniden

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