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A new model of one of Australia’s most successful floor cleaning machines has been launched with features aimed at improving productivity, as well as health and safety.

The Multiwash from Truvox International Ltd includes many features that make for successful floor cleaning. It can wash, scrub and dry both hard and soft floor coverings in a single pass, leaving floors ready to walk on in minutes. A choice of brushes allows operatives to undertake normal, maintenance cleaning or intensive scrubbing, and it is quiet in operation, providing minimal disturbance for people using the building that is being cleaned.

It is also extremely effective on ‘difficult’ floors, such as non-slip safety floors, low pile carpets, escalators, travelators and entrance matting. It’s also easy to manoeuvre, not just when cleaning, but between sites and locations, too.

The new model Battery Multiwash 340/Pump includes some welcome innovations:

  • battery operation means no trailing cables, minimising the risk of trips and falls
  • continuous battery runtime of up to 50 minutes
  • quick change battery system, enabling longer run times with a second battery
  • four-litre solution tank that is removable and easy to clean, and
  • 34-centimetre cleaning width.

Tiling, rubber studded flooring, carpets and laminates can all be cleaned effectively by the Multiwash, and this versatility means it suits a number of different industry sectors such as education, healthcare and retail.

The Battery Multiwash 340/Pump operates by applying the cleaning liquid to the floor surface via the spray pump in front. Using counter rotating cylindrical brushes, which exert more than four to six times more pressure than a rotary machine, the brushes scrub the floor and throw the dirty water onto the conveyor drum. Due to its high brush pressure and speed, less water and solution is used, which makes it both cost-effective and beneficial in environmental terms.

More information: www.alphaclean.com.au

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