Practical cogeneration guide released

by FM Media
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A guide to unlocking savings from cogeneration and trigeneration systems has been released by the Office of Environment and Heritage’s Energy Saver team.

A guide to unlocking savings from cogeneration and trigeneration systems, the Energy Saver Cogeneration feasibility guide is the first major piece of work delivered under the Australian Government’s Energy Efficiency Action Plan.
According to Environment Minister, Robyn Parker the guide gives clear information about the benefits and appropriate use of cogeneration and trigeneration and is a practical document designed to guide business decision-making by answering the questions: where, what and how for on-site cogeneration and trigeneration.
“Cogeneration can save a business up to 60 percent of its energy costs during peak times and more than half of its greenhouse gas emissions. However, whether a system is viable depends on the operating hours, how much heat is required on site, whether heat and power are used concurrently, and fuel costs.
“Some business sites can make large energy and cost savings with cogeneration and trigeneration – and this guide will help to answer the questions: is this the best technology to use? Is it viable for my business?
“For business managers the guide gives a comprehensive view of whether cogeneration or trigeneration is a viable option for your site, and for engineers and facilities managers, the guide details the considerations for selecting and implementing a generation system,” Parker adds.

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