Product showcase: from tree-free paper to sustainable heat pumps

by Corporate Waste Solutions
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Paper made from stone

Melbourne-based start-up Hustle Stone Paper has launched a range of stationery products that don’t use water or bleach in production and paper is made, literally from stone.

Entrepreneurs Glenn Hendriks and Kevin Garcia wanted to disrupt the paper industry, forming the idea for the stationery last year. They say stone paper is a premium product compared to regular paper made from pulp and has a number of environmental advantages.

The paper is manufactured from calcium carbonate, collected from waste material at limestone quarries. It’s ground into a fine white chalk powder. The creators say it’s neither synthetic, nor pulp or fibre- based and uses significantly less energy to produce and that the product is certified to contain no harmful chemicals or minerals.

The range contains a day planner and notebooks. The company says the items are also recyclable, photo-degradable, compostable. The paper is also durable, resistant to grease and tears and waterproof.

More information can be found at

Pumping it up

A new range of renewable energy heat-pump models for domestic and commercial use has been released by the Australian arm of Stiebel Eltron.

The European company has been developing renewable energy products for more than 40 years, while the heat pumps have been on sale in Australia for about 10 years.

The company released two new models in Australia in July – the WWK 222 (H) and WWK 302 (H). Sales director Glenn Day says the air source hot water heat pump systems harvest natural energy to reduce electricity consumption, lower hot water energy bills and reduce environmental impact. “All aspects of the design have been carefully considered from the perspective of the homeowner through to the installer,” Day says.

Compared to conventional electric hot water systems, energy consumption for heating water can be reduced by more than 70 percent by using a WWK 222 (H) or WWK 302 (H). The units are eligible for government rebates and help to achieve Australia’s Renewable Energy Target by 2020. The sophisticated design of the Stiebel heat pumps has been engineered to work e iciently even at minus temperatures, and a current impressed anode ensures a long life cycle regardless of the water quality.

No issues with these

With global paper production consuming around four billion trees each year, Australian-founded No Issues decided to do something about it.

The company has developed a range of tissues, toilet paper, paper towels and other products that are ‘tree free’. The company says that tissues and toilet paper alone account for the destruction of 27,000 trees a day.

No Issues uses bamboo, which it says is one of the most highly renewable resources available, with some species growing more than a metre a day. Bamboo is also said to absorb carbon dioxide and release 35 percent more oxygen than hardwood trees, without needing chemical enhancements to grow and thrive.

The company says virtually every part of bamboo can be used for products, creating very little waste.

The range is available from Coles, Woolworths and Harris Farm outlets.

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