Radical building innovations recognised in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards

by Sophie Berrill
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Construction and demolition make for one of the largest waste streams in Australia, according to the National Waste Report in 2020. Nearly half of all waste comes from this sector.

Two finalists in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards 2022 are doing interesting work to help reduce these staggering statistics.

Panels made from reclaimed wheat straw 

First up is Durra Panel, an industry leader finalist in the circular economy innovation category. 

In an attempt to manufacture the world’s most sustainable building material, Durra Panel has created panels for wall cladding and ceiling linings. These panels have a chemical-free biomass core made entirely out of reclaimed wheat straw. Not only is the product sustainable, it’s said to have excellent acoustic, thermal, fire resistant and durability benefits.

The company strives to educate the entire building industry. Its goal is to make sustainable building materials top of mind for architects, builders and homeowners.

Revival Projects: Zero Footprint Repurposing

Revival Projects was similarly born out of a discomfort that the building industry had become complacent about wasteful processes.

The sustainable building practice is a community champion finalist in the sustainable places and destinations category. 

Revival Projects has been nominated for its ‘Zero Footprint Repurposing’ initiative. From demolition to repurposing and installation, the Zero Footprint approach means materials never leave the construction site, and existing resources are given a second chance in new developments.

This all-inclusive mission is aimed at revolutionising the way in which the design and construction industries approach existing materials.

Both of these companies offer radically different perspectives to the existing status quo in the building industry.

Sustainability Victoria’s Interim CEO Matt Genever says the awards are an important opportunity to recognise the individual Victorians, community groups, councils and businesses that are making a positive impact on the world around us.

“By recognising the innovative work being done in sustainability, we aim to inspire others so that together we can progress faster towards our goal of a climate-resilient, circular economy with net zero emissions,” says Genever.

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