Rats swarming football stadiums

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British football fans may have another reason to jump in the stands with giant rats reportedly swarming over the Premier League football stadiums.

Fans are desperately clamouring for ratcatchers to rid their clubs of the pests as the rat population approaches 160 million and pest controllers say that huge rodents are teeming among the stands at the UK’s top clubs.

With football stadiums providing endless food and dark places to hide, it is inevitable that they huge interest for rodents.

Manchester United’s home stadium was found heaving with rats during an inspection.

Says one fan: “I love my team, but it makes me think twice about taking my family along. Let’s just say I have jumped up for more than just a goal before.”

The immense challenge ahead of the pest controllers reminds us of the memorable rat poison manufacturer featured in John Berendt’s book on Venice The City of Falling Angels, who suggests to the author while at a dinner that success as an exterminator depends on appealing to the regional tastes of rodents:

“Rats eat what people eat. Therefore, Venetian rats” – he pointed to my plate – “would be happy to eat what you have on your plate. A German rat would turn his nose up at it because he’s used to pork fat. So in my German rat poison, I make sure to put pork fat in. In the Paris or France, I have butter. In America, I have vanilla and popcorn. My competition in every city is the garbage.”

It makes us wonder whether the UK’s rats really do prefer fish and chips, but their Australian cousins a meat pie!


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