Reckitt introduces Dettol Pro Solutions to help businesses in Australia protect people outside the home

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Reckitt has launched Dettol Pro Solutions in Australia — a B2B program that helps companies to protect both staff and customers from the spread of germs with Dettol’s current range of products, as well as B2B-specific solutions such as hand sanitiser dispensers and customer signage.

Amid the continually evolving ‘new normal’, consumers are demanding higher standards than ever of hygiene and cleaning outside the home, with the onus being placed on businesses to play a stronger role in protecting the community.

Having already successfully provided hygiene solution packages for Cricket Australia, the MCG and the Sydney Opera House, Hilton and shopping centres operated by Australian property group Mirvac, Dettol Pro Solutions exists to empower businesses across a variety of  industries to take the appropriate hygiene measures to protect their staff and customers. Notably, 68 percent of Australians are more likely to be confident in the level of hygiene of a business if they use Dettol, which increases to 81 percent among those who are ‘hygiene driven’ when making decisions to visit a business.***

Speaking to Facility Management, Rahul Kadyan, executive vice president at Reckitt’s New Growth Platforms says, “We recognise the increasing need to restore consumer confidence in workplaces — as well as travel, hospitality and leisure spaces. ​​We will be harnessing our expertise across four key areas: tailored training and protocols for businesses, effective products that help to kill germs, innovative global logistics and servicing, and leveraging our brand power to help businesses clearly communicate the steps they’re taking to help make their spaces and teams clean and hygienic.”

According to Reckitt, 78 percent* of Australian consumers are still concerned about germs. However, research indicates that 85 percent of businesses overseas believe that having the right products and processes for cleaning and disinfection is one of their most important job responsibilities, yet 70 percent do not have any specific expertise in this area.**


To address these concerns, the targeted cleaning and disinfection measures developed by Dettol Pro Solutions take into consideration how customers move and interact within a business or venue, focusing on germ-hotspot areas within those locations. It then produces enhanced protocols and delivers training for staff on when, how and what products should be used to clean and disinfect. Cleaning and disinfection protocols are combined with other appropriate measures, such as encouraging staff and customers to wash or sanitise their hands at critical times.

In addition to this, the program provides Dettol-branded signage to be placed within businesses and their marketing, enabling businesses to demonstrate their commitment to trusted cleaning protocols to help increase consumer confidence.

The program draws on Reckitt’s long-standing rigour and expertise and includes targeted cleaning protocols for high-traffic, high-touch areas, hygiene-centred messaging and hand hygiene solutions. Dettol Pro Solutions partners have access to the same trusted Dettol products such as Dettol Hand Sanitiser, which kills 99.99 percent of germs. Other disinfectant products available via Dettol Pro Solutions and listed in the ARTG include Disinfectant Biodegradable Wipes (AUST L 356611), Dettol Multipurpose Biodegradable Wipes (AUST L 356710) and Dettol Multipurpose Triggers (AUST L 368890).

The program includes delivery logistics for fast and reliable deployment across the country, ensuring businesses have sufficient quantities of Dettol products to meet the standards set forth by government policy and customers’ expectations.

For more information, pricing and to inquire about joining the program, head to

*Reckitt Toluna Tracker, Wave 16 (6/7/2021-6/13/2021) 

**B2B SME U&A Study, December 2020 

***Kantar, September 2020. A study prepared for Dettol at Reckitt to understand the Australian consumer mindset and role of Dettol during COVID-19, n=1007


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