New national recycling program to divert plastic from landfill

by Tiffany Paczek
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In an Australian first, TerraCycle has partnered with P&G to introduce a new recycling program that’s expected to divert hundreds of thousands of dish and air care plastics from landfill.

Australians consume plastic at a ferocious rate. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, we will have consumed approximately 13 tonnes of plastics as a nation. Of this, only 12 percent will be recycled.

In a market-leading move to address this, P&G brands Fairy and Ambi Pur, in partnership with TerraCycle, have launched a free recycling program that makes all brands of dish care and air care nationally recyclable.

Through the Dish & Air Care Recycling Program, Australians can now collect and ship all brands of dish care products and air fresheners free-of-charge to TerraCycle, who will shred, wash and melt them down into raw materials to be used as an alternative to virgin plastic.

Procter & Gamble vice president and managing director Vivek Gupta says: “P&G is committed to not only designing superior products, but also making a positive difference and encouraging responsible consumption of our brands. Fairy is the fastest growing dish care brand in Australia. We are proud to introduce a solution to make these brands 100 percent recyclable. We expect to see strong support from our retail partners to drive awareness of this program with shoppers. The good news is, while P&G is investing in the program, this solution is open to all brands of products within these categories.”

An Australian first, the program is an important step in the global Procter & Gamble and TerraCycle partnership. This partnership is responsible for producing the world’s first shampoo bottle made from recovered beach plastics, which earned a United Nations Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activity Award in 2017.

TerraCycle CEO and founder Tom Szaky says the program heralds exciting opportunities for consumer-waste recycling in Australia.

“The Dish & Air Care Recycling Program builds on an incredible partnership between TerraCycle and Procter & Gamble that continues to make ‘non-recyclable’ consumer products recyclable, including dish care products and air fresheners in Australia and used nappies in Holland, and additional programs in North America, UK and Asia,” Szaky says.

“The achievements between TerraCycle and Procter & Gamble don’t end here. I’m excited to see how this seven-year partnership will continue to set the bar for consumer product recycling in Australia.”

The Dish & Air Care Recycling Program accepts all brands of dishwashing liquid bottles and caps, dishwashing tablet flexible packaging (including snap locks and zip locks), air freshener aerosol cans and spray bottles (including spray and trigger heads), plug-in air fresheners and refills, as well as clip-on car fresheners, refills and outer product packaging.

To recycle in the program, Australians simply visit, join the Dish & Air Care Recycling Program for free and start collecting all brands of dish care products and air fresheners in any old cardboard box. When full, they log into their TerraCycle account, download a free Australia Post shipping label, stick it to the box of waste and drop it at their nearest post office, free of charge.

Additionally, for each piece of dish care and air care waste sent to TerraCycle, collectors earn $0.02 toward their nominated Australian school or non-profit organisation. Globally, over US$21 million has been raised for schools and non-profit organisations worldwide through TerraCycle’s free recycling programs.

For more information or join the Dish & Air Care Recycling Program, visit

To learn about some of TerraCycle’s other initiatives see FM Media’s coverage here.

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