Turning laptops into lunch

by Tiffany Paczek
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With the help of social enterprise PonyUp for Good and IT experts SXiQ, Red Energy and Lumo Energy have managed to turn 20,426 kilograms of old technology into 46,905 fresh healthy meals for food rescue charity SecondBite.

During a recent relocation of Red Energy and Lumo Energy, the energy retailer found they had over 2300 surplus old computers, laptops and monitors. Determined to find a solution that was socially, environmentally and commercially responsible, they called in PonyUp for Good and SXiQ to help.

The equipment, including cables, monitor arms, PCs and printers were handed over to SXiQ where they were wiped, debadged and then remarketed by PonyUp for Good where possible. The remainder were recycled. PonyUp for Good donated 50 percent of its profits from the resale of technology to SecondBite – enough to pay for 46,905 fresh, healthy meals for people across the country experiencing food insecurity.

Iain Graham, CEO of Red Energy and Lumo Energy, says the environmental and social outcomes far exceeded the investment and expectations. “To think that we’ve saved more than 20,000 kilograms of old IT equipment from landfill is satisfying. But even better, that we’ve been able to recycle and sell a lot of that equipment, channelling the profits raised into helping a charity like SecondBite is just wonderful.”

Mardi Brown, co-founder at PonyUp for Good, says, “Through our partnership with SXiQ, Red Energy and Lumo Energy have now been able to deliver such a cool brand story and legacy from their recent relocation. Their enthusiasm for this initiative was through the roof from day one – it’s been a win for everyone.”

David Erenboim, GM of Sales and Strategy at SXiQ says, “We were thrilled to help foster this new partnership with Red Energy and Lumo Energy, having the one collective goal of ‘turning laptops into lunch’.”

On a recent visit to SecondBite, Lumo Energy’s Nadia Olliver said, “I felt proud working for a company that is helping others. To see how our donation contributed to tackling food waste and poverty in Australia was humbling.”

Image: 123RF’s Thierry VIALARD © 123RF.com 

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