Redcort Virtual TimeClock

by FM Media
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Redcort Software’s Virtual TimeClock turns any Mac, PC or tablet into a time clock for employees to punch in and out of work.

The software aims to simplify timecard management by ensuring accurate payroll with unbiased time recording of arrivals, departures, breaks and lunches, easy electronic timecard access for management and automatic and accurate totalling of hours and overtime. It can even be integrated with seven payroll programs.

Virtual TimeClock can be installed on an old computer in a reception area or meals room, or installed on every employee’s computer or tablet.

Recently released version 14 has had a full interface update and now features enhanced timecard editing, integrated configuration options and the ability to use administrative passwords to directly access the status of any employee.

The software comes in three editions: Basic, for one computer and up to three employees (US$99); Pro, for one computer and unlimited workers (US$195); and Network, for multiple computers and unlimited workers (from US$295).



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