Reduced energy use in high bay lighting systems

by FM Media
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The total amount of energy used compared to more traditional high bay systems has been reduced at a warehouse in Walcha.

The lighting solution provided to a warehouse in Walcha, a small country town located around five hours’ drive from Sydney, is reducing the total amount of energy used compared to more traditional high bay systems. The potential to save on lighting installation costs has also been provided.
According to Lumel Project Managers, a company involved in warehouse construction, it has become aware of the changing needs of warehouse users and owners. It required an energy efficient lighting solution for its new warehouse installation in Walcha.
The solution required for Walcha Veterinary Supplies was a complex one. Motion detectors had to be attached to suspended Lineal fluorescent light fittings. The solution came in the form of Zumtobel’s VALUEA fluorescent high bay luminaire and Luxmate Emotion lighting control system coupled with Dali dimmable luminaires.
Zumtobel states that its VALUEA product from its Essential lighting range is the ultimate product for lighting applications in facilities such as factories, warehouses, sports halls and bulk retail environments. According to the company, the broader surface area of the fitting, combined with dimming and the efficiency characteristics of fluorescent lamps, provides a clever alternative to traditional HID high bays. It adds that the product is efficient, durable and robust.
The touch-sensitive Luxmate Dali Emotion panel provides the ability to choose and create the lighting scene required through simply touching the required scene icon. The correct lighting scene will be immediately set in every room as stipulated.
The coupling of the Zumtobel Luxmate Emotion lighting control system with Dali dimmable luminaires in both the warehouse and office spaces delivered a lighting system that would potentially save the owner thousands of dollars in lighting installation costs, as well as reducing the total amount of energy used compared to more traditional high bay systems, Zumtobel states.

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