Reducing cool room cross-contamination

by FM Media
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Cool room panel products help overcome illnesses caused by food spoilage in cool rooms.

Eating foods spoiled with bacteria, which has been identified by HACCP Australia as a rapidly growing occurrence in Australian cool rooms, can cause a range of illnesses and, in extreme cases, be fatal. Cool room panel products, such as BlueScope Steel’s Colorbond Permagard steel, are helping to overcome this issue.
Combined with Microban antibacterial technology, Colorbond Permagard steel inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria that leads to food borne illnesses as a result of cross-contamination. Microban technology, which is proven to inhibit the growth of surface bacteria, is incorporated into Colorbond Permagard steel during the manufacturing process and is an intrinsic part of the product.
When bacteria come into contact with the product surface, the Microban technology reacts with the cell wall of the bacteria and disrupts key cell functions so that they cannot grow, function or reproduce. The product can be used in cool rooms and facilities that store and process food items where food hygiene and safety is a primary concern, including supermarket cold storage areas, food processing plants, abattoirs and wineries.
BlueScope Steel has the exclusive licence for the Microban technology in Australia and New Zealand for pre-painted steel composite panels. Colorbond Permagard steel is certified by HACCP Australia as a FoodSafe product for ceiling and wall linings of food storage and processing facilities.

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