Remote infrastructure management aid

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A new drop-in solution for monitoring and managing remotely located critical infrastructure.

Opengear’s latest remote infrastructure management product family has been launched. The Opengear ACM5500 product family aims to make it easy for companies to manage remotely located infrastructure.
ACM5500 RIM gateways provide a cost-effective, drop-in solution for monitoring and managing remotely located critical infrastructure, such as networking equipment, servers, power distribution equipment, security cameras and even environmental inputs such as door monitors or smoke detectors. Customised alert thresholds proactively track connected device status and can automatically remediate issues before they become critical.
In addition, the ACM5500 enables the connection and management of multiple Ethernet devices, the provision of serial console access, the management of the configuration of connected devices and the monitoring of the environment with built-in temperature sensors and external sensor support.
According to Rick Stevenson, chief executive officer of Opengear, the ACM5500 design was based on listening to customers’ needs. Enhancements in the Opengear ACM5500 range include:

  • extra Ethernet connectivity, making it a total remote management gateway device
  • 4 GB of local storage for storage of device configuration files
  • a choice of V.92 or cellular out-of-band connectivity with dual SIM support for network failover in mission critical networks, and
  • a power-over-Ethernet option.

Brendan Baker, Opengear’s national sales manager in Australia, states that the Opengear ACM5500 has attracted interest from utility companies, as well as telecom businesses operating remote infrastructure. “Utilities are looking for a robust and reliable out-of-band management solution to gain access to critical equipment at hundreds of remote sites,” he notes.

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