RS Pro launches easy-to-use medical IR thermometer

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RS Pro has introduced the Medical Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer, responding to demand during COVID-19.

The forehead thermometer is a non-invasive device that eliminates the need for physical contact to get a reading. A built-in laser target provides fast sampling and ensures optimum measurement accuracy, along with precise non-contact temperature readings using the Body or Surface Temperature functions.

Designed with an ergonomic grip, the RS PRO medical grade infrared temperature detector is built for user comfort and enables continuous use over extended periods of time. Results are easy to read on the LCD display with a backlight feature, which also enables the thermometer to be used in low-light conditions. This IR unit has an alarm-setting function, as well as the capacity to store 32 measurements.

Although the RS PRO Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer does not detect COVID-19, it can be used to identify one of the more telling signs of the virus, being a temperature sitting outside of the body’s optimal range. The item retails from $108 plus GST.

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