Saferoads Omni Stop bollard

by FM Media
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The Omni Stop Bollard is an energy absorbing bollard that allows access for workers to a construction zone or pedestrians to a shopping precinct while preventing vehicle penetration at the same time.

The carbon steel bollard is supported by an energy absorbing cartridge that is encased in a concrete footing. When the bollard is hit, the cartridge deforms and absorbs the kinetic energy of the vehicle.

Saferoads, based in West Gippsland, Victoria, says that the Onmi Stop moves no more than 30cm at the top when hit by a 1600kg car travelling at 60km/h. The cartridge can deform in any direction – hence the name – allowing it to be located where it provides the best protection. After most impacts, the company says, the inner cartridge can be replaced and the bollard itself reused.

Designed, assembled and tested in Australia, the Omni Stop has been crash-tested with impacts up to 60km/h and complies with the requirements of AS/NZS3845:1999 Table 5.3.3(3).

Site applications for the bollard include pavement cafes, tram and bus stops, retail shop windows and construction sites on busy roads.


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