Saving energy at Intercontinental Hotel Sydney

by FM Media
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Intercontinental Hotel Sydney is saving energy through a number of energy saving trials and initiatives.

Intercontinental Hotel Sydney, whose assistant chief engineer, Matthew Willox, won Facility Management’s enLighten giveaway in the Dec-Jan 13 edition, is running a trial of enLighten’s 10 chip ceiling mount standard Chamaeleon lights in back-of-house service corridors and staff locker room areas. These areas are currently lit by single 36 W fluorescent tube lighting – compared to the Chamaeleon’s average consumption of 9.2 W (based on 70 percent standby usage and 30 percent occupancy).
The Sydney hotel is a NSW Government Energy Saver business program partner and prior to winning the competition, had completed a front-of-house lighting upgrade with LED downlights installed in the arcade and corridor areas, 50 W halogen lamps replaced with 35 W halogen in guest rooms and de-lamping of twin fluorescent lamps in some back-of-house areas. Following these upgrades, Willox and the team at Intercontinental Hotel Sydney, led by director of engineering, Andy Goonesekera, were interested in further upgrades of car park, staff locker room, back-of-house corridors and interior office lighting.
The issues for car park lighting that the hotel face include providing lighting ambiance for staff and guests, ensuring good visibility in tight areas and security. The hotel runs multiple security cameras in the car park area and requires sufficient light to provide good vision for the cameras. With an inbuilt microwave sensor the Chamaeleon will assist with car park security by visibly switching to an increased light output on detection of occupancy or movement, assisting security staff when reviewing security camera footage.
In further energy saving efforts, the hotel has also replaced its chillers, which alone resulted in an 18% drop in energy usage across the whole site. As the hotel’s engineering team has registered as an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) for the NSW Energy Savers Scheme, it will benefit from the full rebate available through the sale of the Energy Savings Certificates generated from the lighting and chiller upgrades.

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