Schindler and Boon Edam collaboration optimises security and traffic flow

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Schindler and Boon Edam collaboration combines security and traffic management.

A partnership between Schindler and Boon Edam integrates intelligent security into traffic flow to optimise facility access.

Referred to as ‘The Power of Two‘, the collaboration combines two technologies to produce one solution that enhances security while streamlining pedestrian traffic flows through lifts. Schindler’s PORT technology uses RFID and mobile phone applications to provide secure access and seamless journeys throughout a facility, while Boon Edam’s Lifeline Speedline Swing speed gate allocates the best available elevator to the user while ensuring unauthorised parties do not gain entry to the building. Together, they reduce waiting times by up to 50 percent.

“Instead of performing two actions – card access and lift calling – users can now just do the one, and have their waiting times reduced in the process,” says Michael Fisher, Boom Edam Australia managing director.

The inter-industry collaboration highlights the potential for organisations to come together rather than compete to deliver cutting-edge products. Not only does it ensure premium results, but it makes support much more efficient. Technicians from either Schindler or Boon Edam can attend the site in case of an issue, with an expert from the other company available if necessary.
















“Schindler and Boon Edam are both looking to the future. Both companies are striving to provide genuine value to their customers through the most advanced technologies that guide people’s movement and ensure their total security in the process,” says Fisher.

“Companies designing the buildings of the future can now specify an entrance security system and lift destination control system all from the one source and have it completely integrated, with the assurance that it’s backed by two world-leading companies with strong focuses on service.”

Key features and benefits include:

  • Tailgating detection
  • A small footprint that allows smaller lobbies to incorporate physical security entrances
  • Reduced pressure on security and reception personnel
  • Optimisation of elevator journey time through applied Schindler algorithm
  • Energy savings, and
  • Plug-and-play installation.

For more information on The Power of Two, click here.

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