Secure, automated packaged asset delivery

by FM Media
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Secure and easy package delivery and retrieval is enabled by Pitney Bowes’ Packaged Asset Delivery solution.

Pitney Bowes’ Packaged Asset Delivery solution is an electronic system for secure and easy package delivery and retrieval. It simplifies the internal delivery process, decreases carrier costs to remote employees and ensures chain-of-custody.
When an item is to be delivered, the addressee’s details are entered using the touch screen situated with the lockers. The package is then placed in the assigned locker and an email or SMS automatically notifies the recipient. The employee then enters a one-time PIN code to open the locker and retrieve their item.
Pick-ups are automatically tracked and documented, ensuring a secure exchange with full audit trail accountability. Administrators can also monitor overall system performance and generate tailored reports.
This solution is suited to organisations with strict chain-of-custody requirements, compliance issues or sensitive materials, such as those in the financial, medical, pharmaceutical, government and legal industries. It’s also apt for campus environments with mobile students and faculties.

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