Security cameras with superior low light performance

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Panasonic camera

A range of fixed dome security cameras has been released, which are claimed to deliver exceptional image quality even in low light conditions.

The new Panasonic 3-series cameras offer a compact and resilient camera solution for indoor and outdoor installation. They feature HD 720p resolution at up to 60fps (frames per second), an industry-leading 133dB‐wide dynamic range, a minimum illumination of 0.01 lux for colour images and optional intelligent Video Motion Detection.

All the new cameras generate up to four simultaneous high profile H.264 streams, while significantly reducing H.264 bandwidth requirements and incorporating a suite of advanced image processing technologies such as Enhanced Super Dynamic.

The models

Two cameras, the WV‐SFV311 and WV‐SFV310 network cameras are outdoor-ready, and weather- and impact resistant, with IP66-, NEMA 4X- and IK10-rating. The WV-SFV311 has Day/Night functionality with a built-in IR-cut filter, which delivers high sensitivity 0.003-lux minimum illumination for black and white images, and two-way audio capability for remote control applications.

There are five models for indoor use: the WV-SFR311, WV-SFR310, WV-SFN311L, WV-SFN311 and WV-SFN310. The first two are impact-resistant, with an IK10-rating. The WV-SFN311L is equipped with a built-in infrared LED to capture clear images in low light or completely dark conditions. The WV-SFR311, WV-SFN311L and WV-SFN311 have Day/Night functionality with a built-in IR-cut filter and two-way audio capability. Finally, the WV-SFN310 has a built-in microphone for audio monitoring.

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