Service, security and sustainability drive local growth as global entrance leader Boon Edam celebrates five years Down Under

by Ben Ice
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The local arm of leading global security entrance and architectural revolving door organisation, Royal Boon Edam, is celebrating its fifth birthday with record installations of its products focused on risk management, energy saving and sustainable, healthy building environments.

Boon Edam Australia managing director Michael Fisher says the local company – the newest full branch addition to Boon Edam’s 27-country network – has been acclaimed by the 140-year-old family company as one of its most outstanding achievers globally.

“This is a big compliment to the service and sustainability focus of the sales and service team we have built up to serve Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. We have sought, from the outset, to bring new standards of service, professionalism and range to a local market that has proved to be highly receptive to change,” says Fisher.

Complete entrance security suite of products

Boon Edam Australia’s complete suite of security entrance products and revolving doors has also made inroads into businesses including financial, data management, health, hospitality, state and federal government departments, legislatures and hospitality and retail developments.

Revolving doors have a higher up-front cost compared with sliding doors, but their savings on HVAC and maintenance costs lead to greater ongoing savings.

Like its parent Royal Boon Edam – one of the world’s largest producers of speed gates and architectural revolving doors – Boon Edam Australia works closely with facility managers, architects, builders, security integrators and HVAC specialists to provide unique and customised solutions for individual buildings and facilities. “There is a growing appreciation locally that revolving doors function beautifully as airlocks, which allow smooth pedestrian flow while saving money on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning,” says Fisher.

Health benefits and duty of care

“Integrated and layered comprehensive combinations of security entrances and revolving doors are also something new and bigger we have brought to the Australasian market, a globally respected one-stop shop that has been well received as facility managers seek to exclude airborne pollution and health hazards from buildings, while also regulating access to valuable IP information, for example, or controlling access numbers during pandemics such as COVID-19,” Fisher says.

“Many employers believe that the current pandemic won’t be the last of its type and that access regulation for health reasons will become an important aspect of their legal duty of care – in addition to excluding people who pose threats to staff and other visitors.”

“There are big continuing changes happening in building entrance markets and Boon Edam set up in Australia at a time when companies were beginning to adapt to threats only believed to happen overseas. We were in the right place at the right time with the global expertise to focus broadly on the whole spectrum of service, security and sustainability objectives that are increasing driving business today. Our growth from this base is continuing at its highest level ever as we expand our team to deliver a nationally capable, and globally experienced, full-service business.”

To find out more about the comprehensive suite of entrance security products, please visit Boon Edam Australia

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