Eliminate two problems with just one system

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simPRO explain how operations management software helps solve the two key issues faced by all FMs.

Allocating time effectively and dealing with outdated data are the two key issues that will make any facility manager frustrated.

So how do you get around this headache? With end-to-end operations management software.

A streamlined system of comprehensive features, like two-way data syncing and visibility of schedules, will help any facility managers take back control of their workflows and data.

1. Having trouble allocating time effectively? Start using scheduling software

Time is of the essence in the FM industry, and a robust scheduling tool can help you allocate your time effectively.

Most operations management software will come with a system for scheduling. It can enable you to add tenant (customer), contractor and employee records to the system and then schedule jobs to them quickly.

You can use job status codes to define the urgency of scheduled events so you and your team of operators and contractors can quickly understand competing priorities.

Cut and paste schedule blocks, remove them entirely or lock them into place as you need to. Enable recurring jobs, review job cards, add schedule notes and so much more from one complete view.

Some software, like simPRO, will also offer an online portal for your contractors that allows them to log in to view assigned jobs, send invoices and update important credentials.

Operations management software will give you a system to effectively manage and monitor your entire facility management operations.

2. Tired of outdated data? Software systems offer a single source of truth

Data silos are an ongoing issue in FM. These multiple, standalone sources of information within a single business lead to competing versions of the truth.

Without an organised way to manage all your asset, tenant and contractor information you have no mechanism to ensure its accuracy and consistency.

An online operations management software is the key to effectively managing and organising your information. A tool like simPRO offers two-way syncing between the field and the office, ensuring you are working with the absolute latest data!

With an operations management system, you can connect different areas of your business and its data. Information becomes integrated and flows seamlessly throughout the office, enabling you to eliminate the issue of outdated data in your system.

Don’t let time and data frustrate your facility management process

Facility managers are living in the age of solution technology. Every week there is a new feature or tool that can actively improve the issues they face every day.

To learn how operations management software can help those working within the FM industry, or to see simPRO in action, contact us on 1300 139 467.

You can also visit www.simpro.com.au to view the full suite of end-to-end operations management solutions.

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