Singapore’s $19m scheme to support energy efficient buildings

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The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore will devote almost A$18.9 million, almost 40 per cent, of a A$49.3 million (S$52 million) innovation scheme to support the testing of new energy-efficient technologies in fully operational buildings. The green buildings initiative is the latest move by the authority to encourage the development of green building technologies in Singapore and Australian businesses could stand to benefit from this.

The nation state is looking to take on technologies from successfully completed R&D projects or proven technologies from overseas, some examples of which are chilled ceilings or under-floor cooling systems — technologies that have not been implemented widely in Singapore yet, the authority said.

The authority’s group director of research Tian Chong Tan said: “The scheme will help mitigate the risks involved in trialling new technologies by co-funding incurred costs such as equipment, installation, and commissioning. In doing so, we hope to spur wider replication and eventual commercialisation of novel energy-efficient solutions for buildings in the longer term.”

Read more of the press release by the BCA here:


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