Software implemented to respond to community housing challenges

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Churches of Christ Care and Mangrove Housing have jointly implemented a new specialist housing management application to respond to the challenges community housing is currently facing.

With growing demand for the volume and quality of community housing and the incoming national regulatory reform, not-for-profit community housing providers are proactively responding to these challenges in productive and efficient ways.
Two such providers leading the way in Queensland are community housing provider Churches of Christ Care and Redlands-Wynnum based Mangrove Housing Limited. The two organisations have jointly implemented a new specialist housing management application, SDM Housing Software.
According to general manager of Churches of Christ Care Housing Services, Frances Paterson-Fleider, due to the current and projected growth of both providers, who work on number of projects together, it made sense to share the specialist housing software.
Sharing SDM Housing Software enables Churches of Christ Care and Mangrove Housing to maintain business continuity, build joint reporting capability and keep costs to a minimum. The system also allows more effective management of tenancies, properties, key performance indicators and other reporting requirements.
Mangrove Housing is one of a small group of Queensland providers selected to pilot the testing and evaluation of the registration processes and procedures for the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH).
Chief executive officer of Mangrove Housing, Ann McAnally believes partnerships, such as that with Churches of Christ Care, are key for the effective and efficient delivery of housing services under the National Regulatory System.
“Our partnership with Churches of Christ Care has enabled a joint mapping of the SDM Housing Software against state funding reporting requirements and National Regulatory System reporting requirements,” McAnally states.
After the successful sharing of software and knowledge, Churches of Christ Care and Mangrove Housing are now looking at other areas where they can collaborate and build their capacity to service community housing and other local needs in Queensland.

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